Apple Includes The Entire iPad Lineup In Education Discounts

The iPad is graduating; to Apple’s discount Education store, that is. The tablet now gets a price cut for qualifying education shoppers looking to buy either an iPad Air or iPad mini either in-store at its retail locations or online at The discounts aren’t massive, but they still get you $30 off the Air or $20 off the mini if you’re a student or teacher, or basically just have a .edu account you can access.

Apple has long offered discounts on its Mac computers and other devices, but this marks the first time it has extended the deal to the iPad line. The Air and mini aren’t the only ones that get the price drop, however; the first-generation iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad, which are also still on sale new, get similar $20 price cuts for education shoppers.

Offering special pricing on iPads should prove popular with the education crowd, as the tablets are already often used in school settings, both at the K-12 and college levels. Apple quietly introduced the updated pricing, but it’s possible we’ll hear something more about this at WWDC on Monday alongside other potential educational program and software updates.