Toshiba Unveils Bendy Laptops And A Few Tablets For Back-To-School

Toshiba has just unveiled slightly more than a handful of new devices in anticipation of the back-to-school buying season. The new offerings include three laptops, all of which with some tricks up their sleeves, as well as three different new Toshiba tablets.

Let’s start with the most exciting new products and work our way backwards, yes?

As a follow-up to the Yoga bendy laptop, Toshiba is today announcing the Satellite Radius, which has a foldable laptop screen allowing for a number of different “laptop modes.” The Satellite Radius features a 4th gen Intel processor, with 8GB of memory in the entry level model and 1 terabyte of hard drive storage. It also has a full HD 15.6-inch screen, Harman/Kardon audio, and an HDMI port that supports 4K output.

But perhaps more importantly, the Satellite Radius can be bent and folded to fit your needs, however odd they may be. Need the computer to stand up like an easel? No problem! Want to lay the whole thing flat so the person across from you can type? You can do that, too.

The hinge allows for 360-degree folding, and uses resistance to lock into place so whichever position you choose is sturdy.

The Satellite Radius will be available exclusively from Best Buy and Toshiba online in early July, with an MSRP of $925.99.

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Then, we have a couple other cute laptops with some magic tricks. The Satellite Click 2 and Click 2 Pro both feature removable displays that double as tablets, and both have Full IPS 13.3-inch displays and run on Windows 8.1. However, as the names might suggest, one is more premium in performance and build than the other.

The Click 2, the mid-range model, has a lock-in hinge for removing and attaching the display tablet, unlike the more premium version, which offers push-to-release.

The Click 2 sports a quad-core Intel Pentium processor, a 500GB hard drive, and a Skull Candy audio experience integrated fully with Skull Candy’s Crusher headphones. The Click 2 will cost $586.99.

And then there’s the Click 2 Pro. Unlike little brother, the Click 2 Pro simply takes a little push to release the Windows-flavored tablet computing experience. It comes in a brushed aluminium chassis only .78-inches thick, with a 4th-gen Intel Core processor, Full HD 13.3-inch display, and alongside the usual portage, offers a built-in microSD slot, Micro HDMI, Micro USB 2.0 ports, and Miracast for easy screen sharing on TVs.

Alongside that 500GB hard drive included in the Click 2, the Click 2 Pro also offers an 128GB SSD.

Like the Click 2, the Click 2 Pro will be available in June but for $1,028.99.

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And finally, some tablets…

Toshiba is offering two Windows 8.1 tablets under the Encore brand, and the line is going by the name Excite 2. The Encore 2 tablets come in 8-inch and 10-inch flavors and are much thinner and lighter than previous generations of the device, with the 10-incher weighing 1.2 pounds and the 8-incher coming in at less than a pound.

They both feature a 1280×800 display, so hopefully you aren’t focused on clarity.

They run on quad-core Intel Atom processors, and are said to offer 10 hours of battery life on regular use. The slates even have microHDMI to stream to TVs.

You can get any tablet in a 32GB or 64GB configuration, with SDXC card storage support up to 128GB. The 10-inch Encore 2 starts at a competitive $269 and the 8-inch starts at $199.99, both released in July.

Toshiba Encore 2 & Excite Go Tablets

And last, and most certainly least, we have a little 7-inch Android tablet from Toshiba.

The Excite Go may not pack the goods in the spec department, but it most certainly competes on price. Building off the existing Excite brand, the Excite Go is the most mobile-friendly device Toshiba has made for Android. It runs Android KitKat 4.4 on an Intel Atom processor, and has a 1024×600 resolution on the 7-inch display.

It’s said to offer 8 hours of general use and offers a 128GB expansion (via SDXC card) from the standard 16GB of internal storage. In July, the Excite Go will cost you $109.

Toshiba Excite Go Android Tablet