Spotify Was Hacked, Warns Android Users Of Impending Update

Spotify users, take note. The music streaming service just posted a message on its company blog indicating that one user’s account was hacked, but assuring that steps are being taken to ensure others will not fall victim to the same exploit

Over the coming days, the Spotify Android app will prompt users to re-enter their username and password to log back in. Users running outdated versions of the app will be guided through the update process to ensure they’re running the latest version.

At this time these actions are limited to just Android. The company does not have any recommended actions for users on iOS and Windows Phone.

Spotify did not detail the security breach besides stating that user data, such as password, financial or payment information, was not accessed. The one confirmed affected user was notified and hopefully sent a fruit basket as compensation.

Following widespread security breaches as eBay, Target and the like, companies are wise to err on the side of transparency and take broadĀ steps to ensure its user’s information is safe. The days are long gone of sweeping potentially harmful situations under the rug.