Finding Game Design

"Game designer" sounds like a cool job, but often game designers actually do a much more ordinary job. Design is also less and less respected as naught but theory within the industry, which I think is

Kakao And Daum To Merge, Creating One Of South Korea’s Largest Internet Companies

Kakao and Daum announced today that they will merge through an equity swap, creating a company with a 3.4 trillion won (about $2.9 billion) market capitalization. Kakao and Daum stand to become one of

R.O.W. With Butch: Despite A Dark Past, Sarajevo’s Tech Scene Emerges

‘R.o.W. With Butch’ is a weekly column about tech outside Silicon Valley, in the Rest Of the World. This week it comes from Sarajevo, Bosnia. At the height of the Bosnian War between 1992

The Crazy Genius Behind Solar Roadways

Here’s an idea crazy enough that it just might work: Pave the streets with solar-powered panels that have their own built-in heat and LED lights. That’s what Scott and Julie Brusaw hope to accompl

Getting In Bed With Mattress Startup Casper

Earlier this year, I wrote about <a target="_blank" href="">Casper</a>, a Lerer Ventures-backed startup that <a href="">say

Founder Stories: Guy Goldstein’s Make-Or-Break Bet With Check

To listen to Guy Goldstein, the CEO of Check (formerly Pageonce), tell the story, you’d think he never sweats under pressure. Six years ago, Goldstein helped found what is now Check, a mobile pa

#Love: Wanderlust

Over the years, I’ve run my passport ragged, each foreign visa and customs stamp an inked reminder of life experiences. I travel as much as possible, sometimes for weeks or months at a time. And eve

From The Ivy League To State Schools, Demand For Computer Science Is Booming

For years, people in the tech industry have worked to persuade more young people in the United States to become interested in studying computer science. It now looks like they’ve finally gotten

Apple’s Expanded ‘Your Verse’ Campaign Pitches iPad As Mobile Creation Tool

Apple is releasing two new TV spots today, along with companion sections on its website. The spots will continue its ‘Your Verse’ advertising, which attempts to demonstrate the ways that the iPad

Now 100 Cities Strong, Startup Grind Aims To Spread The Entrepreneurial Bug Worldwide

One thing I often hear when talking to entrepreneurs who live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area is that it’s hard for them to connect with other entrepreneurs nearby. It’s not that the

Women Vs. Women, Or The Ugly Side Of Feminism

With the birth of the new feminist narrative sweeping popular culture, it is bound to enter its awkward teenage phase. And just like a teenage mean girl, the new feminism is growing unwieldy before gr

Long-Delayed Connected Device Tile Finally Starts Shipping

The Bluetooth-powered lost item finder called Tile, which last summer raised $2.6 million via crowdfunding, has finally begun shipping, the company now claims. Early backers may be a bit skeptical, gi

The Internet Is Now Part Of The Crime Scene

Elliot Rodger, a young man with some horrible ideas and serious mental problems, <a target="_blank" href="

How Cloud Startups Are Changing The Face Of Innovation

After more than a decade of hype and billions of dollars of value creation, it would be reasonable to expect investors to start losing interest in cloud-related startups. In the venture business, me-t