Personal Assistant Startup Fancy Hands Taps New CEO To Focus On Growth

Fancy Hands, the New York City based startup that lets you book a remote personal assistant to complete tasks for a flat fee, has hired a new CEO to focus on business partnerships and growth, founder Ted Roden tells TechCrunch.

Roden has handed over the CEO role to Joshua Boltuch, who was previously a founder of Amie Street, the online music store and social sharing service which became Songza. Boltuch’s focus will be on managing Fancy Hands’ business operations and partnerships, such as its recent deal with Pepsi/Lipton, who is using Fancy Hands’ API for a promotion.

“This hire lets me focus on what I’m best at: building the product of Fancy Hands,” Roden said. “When I started the company, I did every job. Then, I started giving away jobs to people that I hired: design, front end development, customer support, etc. This continues in that tradition of finding people who can do things better than me and then handing over the reins.”

Fancy Hands currently has seven full-time staff.