A Badass Darth Vader Is Running The Internet Party Of Ukraine

Who here wouldn’t like to live life like Darth Vader? And wield political power at the same time? Look, just go with it. For this is what a local politician in the Ukraine likes to do. A lot.

Darth Vader (of the Ukrainian brand of the family at least) is, (almost) quite literally, a candidate for mayor of Kiev and Odessa, and has even had a crack at running for the presidency.

He has his own political party, the perfectly named Internet Party of Ukraine and you can follow him on VK and on Facebook.

According to Wikipedia, the party claims to be the first Internet party in the world; its slogan is “electronic government against bureaucracy” and it wants to “create an electronic government in Ukraine.”

It was formed by “alleged” Ukrainian hacker Dmytro Golubov. He tried to run for president this year but his registration was refused because his real identity could not be verified. Which seems dumb to me. He’s Darth Vader. Obviously.

But there’s a snag. Two men named Darth Vader are candidates at the 25 May 2014 Kiev mayoral election and the Odessa mayoral election of the same day for the party. Go figure.

Here is our mayoral candidate taking down a few Jedis in an Odessa car park. As you do.