JD.com’s IPO Lands Strongly, With Shares Currently Up Over 8%

After pricing above expectations, JD.com’s IPO has performed well, with its shares currently up more than 8 percent from its $19 per share debut.

JD.com popped higher this morning in its first moments as a public company, but it’s evened out to the $20 to $21 range for now. Is an 8 percent jump modest? Perhaps, but in the current, choppy market, pricing above range and nearly picking up a double-digit gain on your first day is just fine.

Zendesk went public recently, but priced mid range. It is up to $16.90 from a $9 debut. Other companies like Box and Alibaba are in the process of prepping for public runs.

JD.com, known as the Chinese Amazon, is a large business, as TechCrunch reported yesterday following its formal price of its shares:

In 2013, JD.com had revenue of $11.45 billion, a net loss of $8 million, and a net loss attributable to its shareholders due to preferred stock costs of $410 million. That was its smallest net loss on a per-share basis in several years.

On a non-GAAP basis, JD.com had adjusted income of $36 million in calendar 2013, and free cash flow — again, non-GAAP — of $376 million.

For now, investors are willing to accept non-GAAP profits in lieu of normally measured profitability. Likely valued on its revenue growth, JD.com has work ahead of it to maintain its valuation. For today, however, it’s sitting pretty.

Image by Shutter_M/Shutterstock