Microsoft Likely To Break Out A Bigger, Not Smaller, Surface Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow in New York, Microsoft is holding a Surface-themed event that was expected for a time to include the unveiling of a new, smaller Surface device — the Surface Mini as it was dubbed by the media.

Not so, it now appears. Reports have cropped up that a smaller device isn’t happening, and that instead, Microsoft will release a larger screened Surface device. Color me excited. I’ve since heard the same thing, so if I had to wager, I’d say we are game on for a new, larger Surface Pro.

Good move? I think so. My biggest complaint with using a Surface Pro — of either generation — as a main computing device is that the screen was too darn small. Yes, you can hook up your Surface to an external display, but, at the same time, you still have a very modest main screen.

Bumping up to a 12-inch screen (the size I have heard, and one that matches other reports) would be a large improvement — at least in theory. We’ll need to touch the thing to know more, but as far as bents go, this one I like. Oh, and as far as names go, I think that we already have that locked down.

The event kicks off at 11 a.m. EDT, so be ready for a morning shindig.