Reissued Brings Vintage Shopping To Mobile

Today, there are a number of ways to shop from your mobile phone ranging from big companies like Amazon and eBay down to individual e-commerce retailers. But a new application called Reissued, launching this morning, wants to make it easy for you to shop for vintage items. The company offers a curated marketplace featuring only vintage, rare and other one-of-a-kind items across a number of categories, including fashion, furniture, art and music.

The idea, explains Reissued creator, furniture and interior designer Jennifer DeLonge, is to bring her love of vintage shopping as well as the thrill of “the find” to mobile.

The company works with a number of hand-picked curators who sell their items on Reissued, such as Decades, Urban Americana, OneFortyThree, A Current Affair, Satya Twena Millinery, Ascot & Hart and Amber Interiors, and others. These sellers have full control of their profile, explains DeLonge, as well as the other items they sell – something which no one else is doing, she says.

“We have a savvy sales team which identifies and meets with top tastemakers in the space to become a Reissued seller,” she adds. “Once secured, each Reissued curator is empowered to source and sell pieces and collections they want to share with their followers.”


Because these curators control their own profiles, there’s not a set number of products that will be available at any given time – sort of like out in the real world. Asked how large Reissued’s catalog would be at launch, however, DeLonge declined to provide a hard number, saying only it would feature “a very wide range” of items.

The products’ pricing also varies, with some rare, high-end collectibles mingling alongside more affordable picks. Users can find and follow their favorite curators, similar to how you would follow others on Twitter, which gives the marketplace a social element. You can then track the new items from those you’re following in the app’s main feed.

DeLonge says the target demographic for Reissued are men and women between the ages of 24 and 39, who pay attention to fashion, understand vintage, and shop for items that “mean something.”

Like many marketplace concepts, Reissued plans to generate revenue by taking a small portion of transactions on its service.


Based in Carlsbad, California, Reissued is a team of 14, counting its Advisory Board, which includes a few notable names like co-founder Bradford Shellhammer, former oDesk CEO Gary Swart, and former head of product and oDesk, now PM at Facebook, Michael Levinson. The company has $500,000 in seed funding from undisclosed investors.

The new app is available here on iTunes.

Image credits: Reissued; Marina Aguiar on Flickr