Marketing Exec Ivy Ross Is The New Head Of Google Glass

Some significant HR changes at Google Glass we’re hearing. First off is the departure of lead electrical engineer Adrian Wong, to competing facecomputer¬†Oculus. Second off is the bringing on of’s Chief Marketing Officer Ivy Ross to head the division.

The Harvard-trained Ross has a rich, non-tech background, having held several high-level marketing positions at companies such as Mattel, the Gap, Disney, Coach and Old Navy.

Perhaps Ross’ most applicable experience to Google Glass is a stint at contact lens manufacturer Bausch¬†& Lomb in the early 90s, where she was Vice President of design and development for Outlook Eyewear. Coincidence?

While last we heard, Google X was officially overseen by Google co-founder Sergey Brin and Astro Teller, the individual Google Glass project was helmed by Babak Parviz before Ross.

It’s possible that Google is looking for someone to turn Glass’ perception around as it makes itself available to the normals, someone to take it from a “niche” dorky gadget (and possible privacy violation) to the next frontier in mobile computing.

With her heavy background in retail, Ross seems as qualified as any for the task.

Image via Dreamhosters/Bryce Durbin