Madesquare Turns Square Pictures Into Home Decor Objects

You’re reading TechCrunch. So you’re probably heard of FourSquare. Well, now there’s Madesquare, and, well, other than having square in the name there’s no resemblance.

This is an app which takes square photos. But wait…

Its iPhone app takes square photos, and then auto-magically turns those into square photo products, which can be conveniently shipped to you, or friends and family. You order products from straight inside the app which would present the photo in such a way as to brighten a home. Instagram popularised the square picture, but this product sets them free. A competitor includes FotoPostApp.

What we’re talking about here is a sort of photo app re-imagined for the era of interior design. Square photos decorating rooms, projects and gifts, and integrating easily with Pinterest, Facebook, email and text.

There are 20 products, featuring square photos ranging in size from 2.5 x 2.5 inches to 30 x 30 inches. The “MADESQUARE” do-it-yourself projects complement the product line, and mean users can have a go at crafting something themselves.

Here’s an example: Photos are printed on Fuji Archival Paper, then mounted
on basswood blocks for a homely frame-free display. There are other products like recipe cards, canvas scrolls, photo strips and others. The range of products it integrates with is quite extensive.

“Thanks to smartphones, people are taking more awesome pictures than ever before,” says Laura Buick, Co-Founder and President, but, as she says, this app and service is designed to “bridge the world of photography with tangible products” you might enjoy in your home.

The rest of the team also has extensive experience in home retailing and design: Laura Buick (President, co-founder) , Jill Mroz (Director of Ops & Co-Founder), Danielle, Moore (Creative Director, co-founder), Molli Sullivan (Marketing, co-founder).