Popcorn Time Is Now On Android

Hollywood’s worst nightmare just went mobile.

A popular fork of Popcorn Time just launched its Android app. Time4Popcorn’s Popcorn Time app is now available for consumption on the developer’s website and brings all of the program’s pirating tools to the mobile ecosystem.

The Android app looks and feels like the desktop program, and sports the same access to pirated TV shows and movies. And just like its desktop counterpart, the Android version streams torrents. Your data plan is going to love it.

I found the program to operate as advertised. It simply works although some of the files take a minute or three to start playing. The Android UI elements are a bit low-res. Several elements, including the side tray, are not enabled yet. But the program works.

The developers tell me that Google pulled the program from Google play, citing “intellectual property violation”. The program is available for download on time4popcorn.eu.

Like previous versions and forks of Popcorn Time, all the source files for this Android app are available on GitHub.

This Android apps comes by way of the Time4Popcorn development group which also just released a version of the program featuring TV shows and a new user interface. The group promises a Windows XP version in the near future as well. There are currently several spin-offs of the original and now-defunct Popcorn Time, each with different developers and slightly different looks. There’s even a war brewing between dev groups, which is akin to pirates crying foul when attacked by other pirates.

Time4Popcorn is just one of the forks of the original project. Flixtor previously brought the power of Popcorn Time to Android and Chromecast. One thing remains the same, though: Piracy is once again innovating in the face of the establishment.