China’s HAXLR8R Hardware Accelerator Projects Hit Over $3.5 Million In Funding

HAXLR8R, a Shenzhen-based accelerator, held its demo day in San Francisco yesterday and has announced they’ve raised over $3.5 million in crowdfunding pledges with many projects reaching six figures. The companies, which range from a tiny smartphone-controlled drone to a tiny Wi-Fi Arduino board, are being joined by ten new projects today at the demo day.

As we see from the accelerator’s aggregated project page, all of the previous class fully funded their campaigns, no mean feat. Many of the projects hit over $500,000.

Two new projects include the Shot Stats Challenger, a tennis racket sensor for, presumably, tennis players and Syrmo, a camera that fits onto your skateboard so you can take 3D video of your shenanigans. Other projects include the house cleaning Avidbots, a 3D printer called Kast, and Niwa, a hydroponic greenhouse system.

The new companies will launch later this year. You can watch some of the new companies above and see them on the accelerator’s home page as they launch.

Disclosure: I’ve agreed to be an unpaid mentor for HAXLR8R although I’ve never been officially asked to mentor any company. I mostly just like the guys who run it.