LG Teases The Android Wear-Powered G Watch, A Smartwatch “Ready For Anything”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObhAvvJEi0k]

LG is showing off a new teaser video (via 9to5Google) of its G Watch, the Android Wear device it’s launching later this year. Android Wear is the operating system that Google has created for smartwatch devices, which exists essentially as an extension of Android to deliver notifications and other information from smartphones running its mobile OS.

The G Watch is one of the first entrants, and will likely share the stage of launch devices with Motorola’s Moto 360. The G Watch offers two color options, black and gold, with rubber straps and rectangular faces. The screen doesn’t sleep, and it’s both waterproof and scratch resistant.

LG’s key selling points for the device according to this video are its device compatibility, metal body, lightweight and waterproof design, and its ability to be “ready for anything with a single charge.” That last bit makes absolutely no sense, of course, as every device that carries a charge could probably claim the same (at least before its battery cycles too much and no longer holds a charge).

LG’s G Watch will be released soon, with expected launch this quarter depending on the market. Pricing and other details aren’t yet known, but remember: “ready for anything with a single charge.”