Inside Jobs: Why The Best Software Engineers Never Stop Learning

How often are you so impressed by a website or technology service that you think, “I really want to be a part of that” — so much that you set out to get a job at the company? That’s what happened to Surabhi Gupta, who first became a user of travel accommodations marketplace Airbnb while she was working as a full-time software engineer at Google, and was so enthusiastic about the product and its promise that she made the switch to working full-time at Airbnb.

There’s a real passion that Gupta has for her job, so in this episode of Inside Jobs, I sat down with her to find out what her day to day work life is like at Airbnb and the path she took to her current career.

I especially liked what she had to say about the nature of being a software engineer, and how it’s about much more than studying computer science at school. No matter where you’re at in your career, it seems, it’s best to keep a beginner’s mind. Gupta said:

“I think as long as you’re willing to learn, that’s sort of the most important part. A lot of people feel that they have to go through a certain training to learn the skills that they need. Yes, you learn some basic foundational skills [at school], but a lot of it you have to pick up on the job. Even though I came with experience, there was still of ton of things I had to learn.

So I think you’re just always learning, and as long as you expect that, that you’re not going to know everything, I think that it makes the job just a lot easier.”

Watch her talk about that and much more in the video embedded above.

Inside Jobs is a 12 episode miniseries from TechCrunch TV airing weekly on Mondays from March 24 through June 16 that gives an in-depth look at people in the job roles that really make the tech industry tick. Last week’s episode of Inside Jobs profiled Fitbit’s VP of Interactive and Design Tim Roberts.

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