Facebook Is Down For Many

Facebook’s website is down for many. The voluminous reports on Twitter, and corroborating evidence, are pretty plain: For many, Facebook is not working at the moment.

Young services are infamous for having extensive outages. Twitter, for one, when small, was down chronically.  Facebook going down, given how mature it is as a platform and public company, is a larger issue.

Developers take heart, however, as the Facebook Platform appears to be in good health:

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 5.05.31 PM

I’ve reached out to Facebook for context as to what caused the downtime. Update: Facebook responded with the following comment from a spokesperson: “Earlier this afternoon we experienced an issue with our serving infrastructure that prevented some people from accessing Facebook for a short time. We’ve resolved the underlying problem and service is recovering. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.”

The issue is keeping many from logging into their accounts, them being marked as “temporarily unavailable.” It appears that someone in Menlo Park isn’t having a very good Friday.

(Note: An earlier version of this post indicated that Facebook is located in Mountain View. That is massively incorrect. I apologize.)