Dattch, The Dating App For Queer Women, Launches In LA

Dattch, the far more sophisticated version of Tinder aimed exclusively at queer women, is today launching in Los Angeles with some updated features.

Dattch is currently operating in the UK and San Francisco, with New York next on the list.

The app requires Facebook sign-in, verifying that only women are on the app. And unlike Grindr and Tinder that have a more flat, attraction-based approach to matching people, Dattch goes a bit more in-depth.

Users can add as many photos to their profile as they want, and are encouraged to update it the same way they would on other social networks. When two users match, they are opened up to messaging.

In January, Dattch tweaked one of the app’s main features, “Would You Rather?”.

Originally, women who played Would You Rather? would be given two images of random things, like an ice cream cone or a slice of watermelon, and were told to choose between the two. Based on the answer, other women who shared interests would be surfaced as potential matches.

After the update, the team got rid of the middle man, so to speak. Now Would You Rather? shows users two girls to choose from, and users who both choose each other are then allowed to start chatting. Since switching up the feature in January, Dattch users have played more than 150,000 times.

Dattch has plans to continue expanding in the U.S., with New York next on the list. However, Dattch promises to open up in any new market the day that they receive 2,000 requests for the app in that area.

Dattch, based out of the UK, has raised $160k in funding, according to CrunchBase.

To learn more about Dattch, head over here.

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