Uber Now Offers Child Car Seats For Passengers With Kids In NYC For A $10 Surcharge

On-demand ride service Uber continues to test out new products and services in New York City. Just a few weeks after making a courier service available there, the company is now launching a product for passengers who need to get their children around town.

Today the company is announcing uberFAMILY, which was first reported by VentureBeat last week. The service will enable customers to hail an UberX with a child seat available, for just a $10 surcharge each ride.

To launch uberFAMILY, the company has recruited “several hundred” of its top-rated UberX drivers in the city to drive around with child car seats in their trunks, according to New York City GM Josh Mohrer.

To roll out the service, Uber partnered with “Car Seat Lady” Dr. Alisa Baer and commissioned the manufacture of custom IMMI car seats that drivers will carry around in their trunks. All drivers that will be part of the launch have been trained by Baer on the proper installation of the seats, and yes, some drivers didn’t pass the qualification test.

While the service is just becoming available, the uberFAMILY option won’t immediately appear to all users. Instead, they need to opt in to see the offering alongside UberX and UberBLACK services, which they can do by applying the promo code “FAMILY.”