Apple Patents Optical Image Stabilization For Higher Resolution iPhone Pics

Apple has been working on optical image stabilization tech for use in their iPhones and other devices, according to a new patent application filed with the USPTO (spotted by AppleInsider). This could allow future devices to boost image resolution considerably by stitching together multiple exposures for each picture.

This isn’t exactly how others use optical image stabilization, which is usually designed to compensate for small amounts of camera shake by moving around internal camera parts (vs. digital, which fixes it via post-processing). This new system would use the same kind of OIS movement to change the angle slightly on multiple exposures captured in quick succession, and then patch those together for an image that’s “super-resolution” image with better color rendering, detail capture and more.

At the same time, the OIS components can also perform traditional functions for regular image stabilization while building their super resolution pastiche, too, so you get the best of both worlds. This could be yet another way Apple excels in its efforts to be the industry leader in mobile photography, should it makes its way to shipping devices.