Jobr Wants To Be Like Tinder For Your Job Hunt

It’s no surprise that job hunting sucks. Finding available open positions in a single place and instantly sending your CV isn’t a simple process. But what if there were an app that simplified looking for a job in the same way that Tinder has simplified looking for love?

That’s the idea essentially behind Jobr, which is a mobile app that takes the Tinder “swipe left, swipe right” model and extends it to searching for a job.

Officially launching today, Jobr seeks to connect job seekers and recruiters in a way that speeds up the process for both. On the side of the job seeker, the app gives a simple interface for reviewing various employment opportunities quickly.

To use the app, you simply connect your LinkedIn account to the app and it creates a profile page based on your job history and the job skills that you’ve identified as being proficient in.

Once that’s done, you scan through the app and can swipe right for jobs that you’re interested in and left for those you don’t. Each position has a profile page that provides information about the company and the job requirements, how many of your contacts work there, and which job skills match those you have.

And for recruiters, they can decide which candidates best meet their needs by reviewing candidates in a similar fashion.

For right now, Jobr is taking a hybrid approach to getting recruiters on board. Some have already listed their positions on the app, but the company has also seeded outside positions found from other places on the web. If it receives a lot of interest from applicants, it can then go to them and try to get them on board.

It’s also trying to encourage people to share jobs with their friends. One of the features of the app is the ability to refer a job to others, who can download the app and swipe right on their own. Each person who refers someone and gets a candidate a job will receive $1,000 from Jobr.