Business Travelers Get A Boost At Disrupt NY Hackathon

How many times have you taken a trip for work, landed in a city you didn’t know and wondered how to get the most bang out of that sweet, sweet expense account buck?

Thanks to Disrupt, there are now a few apps for that.

Concur Trip, Yammcur, Dining Proffer, and CorpSquare all offered up some applications integrating with Concur, ESRI, MailJet and many more to come up with the optimal business trip.

Whether it’s figuring out how to pack for a trip, where to eat dinner and see a show while you’re in town, or even how to save some money while eating out, these hacks mean that you’ll always know where you’re going — and what you’re spending — so you don’t wind up someplace else (thanks Yogi).

Concur Trip offered an all-in-one weather, local activity and agenda tracker, which won the MailJet top prize for its application.

CorpSquare won the top prize from sponsor Concur with its recommendation engine based on previous Concur expenses.

Dining Proffer served up dining discounts to business travelers based on location and expense account information.

Meanwhile, YammCur took a different approach, giving business travelers a way to conserve their dollars and get rewarded for NOT spending a ton of money while traveling.