Windows XP

Windows XP Declines To Die, Sheds Mere 1.5% Market Share In April

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Massive worries about security? Check. Officially past its support date? Yep. More than a decade old in an industry that values youth not as a virtue, but as a weapon? Certainly. But akin to the diminutive animal, Windows XP doesn’t care.

The most recent data is plain: Windows XP retains market share of the PC market north 26%, globally. It shed less than 2% share in the past month. That’s sad.

And dangerous. As we’ve seen recently, Windows XP represents a material security threat to any user, corporate or otherwise, who uses it. Naturally Microsoft would prefer if people would move off of Windows XP, and buy a shiny new Windows license in the process, but this is more about the user, and not the now irked creator.

In other news, Windows 8.1 picked up around 1% while Windows 8 eased slightly. We should see the former pass the latter in the current month, barring massive market shifts. Windows 8.x now controls 12.24% of the market, up from 11.3% the month prior.