The Golden Goose, A Nifty Gadget That Scrambles Eggs In Their Shells, Kills It On Kickstarter

A Kickstarter-backed gadget called the Golden Goose is a new kitchen utility that lets you scramble eggs in the shell. Why? Because you can. I have to admit, I sort of love it when people find a way to take something that was totally not broken, and very simple to do – like scrambling eggs, for example – and reinvent it entirely. Seriously, even I can scramble eggs and I’ve been known to burn water and ruin macaroni, so it’s not like the process was crying out for a makeover due to its complexity.

But the Golden Goose, which has been making its way around the Internet for a few days, including most recently on NPR (!!!), has clearly struck a nerve.

You don’t need this thing, but you might just want it. Because you’re going to make golden hard-boiled eggs that one time, and it’s going to be super. And later, you’ll being trying to get a few dollars for it at a garage sale, gamely demonstrating it to skeptical blue-haired ladies at 7 a.m.

Until then, however: Golden eggs! (Okay, they’re actually more yellow than gold. Still…)

golden eggs

The technology behind the invention is actually kind of clever. The low-tech gadget uses centrifugal force to scramble an egg without breaking the shell.

There are a few main parts: the Goose’s hinged main shell which is where you place the egg then snap it into place; locking rings; nylon cords on each side; and ergonomic handles that you pull to begin spinning the egg in place. The end result, around 15 seconds later when the process is complete, is an egg that has a “rich and subtle” taste that’s a bit different from traditionally scrambled eggs.


“The texture is silky, and depending on how long you boil, or at what temperature, you can create a range of flavors and characteristics,” explains the Kickstarter page. And better yet, you didn’t have to dirty a bowl and whisk along the way. The eggs can then be prepared in a number of ways, like hard-boiled, soft-boiled, deviled, scrambled, egg salads, etc.

Just like normal eggs!

The idea comes from designer Geraint Krumpe, an inventor whose professional experience includes over 60 Design and Utility Patents. After being laid off, he started his own product design company and later found a video of a guy spinning an egg inside a shirtsleeve on YouTube. Eleven months later, Golden Goose was released.

The invention has since far surpassed its original $34,500 fundraising goal, with (as of time of writing) over $87,700 in Kickstarter donations. So yeah, it’s probably going to ship.

Backers pay $18 and up in order to receive one of the first Golden Goose gadgets, along with recipe guides, a manual and other swag. The plan is to start production this summer, then sell direct to consumers by November, likely at a retail price of around $24. Kickstarter backers will receive their rewards earlier, however.