Sleevely Tells You How Much Milk Your Wee Bairn Slurped All Day

The bairnies cuddle doon at nicht
Wi muckle faught and din.
“Oh try an’ sleep, ye waukrife rogues,
Your faither’s comin’ in.”
They niver heed a word I speak,
I try tae gie a froon,
But aye I hap’ them up an’ cry
“From yer Sleevely ye’ll drink it doon!”

Babies, sweet bairns or waukrife rogues alike drink from bottles. But how is a poor parent to know how much the wee ones drank, how fresh the formula was, and how much more they should imbibe before going doon? That’s where Sleevely comes in.

Designed to fit over a standard baby bottle, the rechargeable system measures the weight of a bottle when full and then notifies you how much baby has eaten and how much more eatin’ is to come. It also measures the temperature of the formula to ensure it’s still good and not too hot.

Created by Ike Ofner and Dan Gilai, the product just launched on Kickstarter and is looking for $85,000. The sleeve, which will ship in December, costs $29 for early bird units. Ofner and Gilai have worked for Motorola, Dell, and Groupon and have extensive experience in consumer products.

The device aims to replace written food logs and to help harried new parents deal with feeding times and the like.

“Sleevely combines a hardware device and a mobile app. Using Sleevely is easy: Install our mobile app, prepare your baby’s food in your normal routine, slide your bottle into Sleevely and start tracking. Sleevely’s patent pending technology uses smart sensors in its flexible arms to measure the volume and temperature of the baby’s food,” said Ofner. “Sleevey uses Smart Bluetooth (BLE) to transmit the data to the Parent’s mobile device.”

The team built the sleeve when Ofner began dealing with nutrition tracking for his newborn son. He realized the only solutions were paper based. He and Gilai began work on a prototype and are now ready to ship. It’s a very robust device and is battery-operated and dishwasher safe.

“The Sleevely project is our attempt to offer parents peace of mind, as nourishment is one of the most important foundations for healthy lives,” said Ofner.

While, for centuries, humans have gotten by feeding their babies without Bluetooth-enabled devices, it’s interesting to see this Internet-of-things sleeve changing the way mothers and fathers deal with the muckle of early nutrition.