Samsung’s Newest Galaxy-Exclusive App Is Basically Just LeBron James

Samsung is in the app-making business, and while it has been for some time, it’s now focused on releasing Galaxy-exclusive software that adds post-purchase value to the experience of owning one. Milk Music, a streaming radio app that Samsung built with content provided by Slacker Radio was its first such attempt, and now there’s a second addition: LeBron.

That’s actually the name of the app, and it’s nothing if not accurate – the software basically gives you LeBron James, in digital form. “Get an all-access pass to LeBron’s game, life and journey” reads the app description on Google Play, which, if it were written about either you or I, would probably come across and incredibly creepy.

The app is broken down into four main categories: Athlete, which offers play highlights and behind-the-scenes info; The NBA Playoffs, which is something that’s apparently happening right now; Style, which is about LeBron’s fashion sense (promotional tie-ins) and taste in music and food; and Journey, which is about family and his charitable work. You can also download custom lock screens and wallpapers (LeBron-themed, of course).

It’s fine for celebrities and famous people to indulge in brand-building and release dedicated software for that purpose (although I still can’t really wrap my head around why people download them) but the fact that Samsung is putting this out, and as a Galaxy exclusive no less, nearly has me ready to run screaming for the hills. Still, Samsung is paying LeBron as a spokesperson, so they might as well use that CelebrityPowerâ„¢ as much as possible, I guess.