Logitech Just Entered The Smartphone Accessory Market In A Big Way

Meet Case+, Logitech’s first iPhone accessory line. But unlike most iPhone accessories, this isn’t a race down the crap chute to the bottom. This line of products brings a novel feature set to the iPhone — and at a premium, price too.

Case+ is the product of Logitech’s 2013 acquisition of TT Design Labs, the two-person startup behind the popular Kickstarter product TidyTilt. In fact, the +tilt case sold in Logitech’s new line is the TidyTilt reborn with new branding. Earlier this year Logitech launched this product line in smaller markets. But after a rousing success, the company decided to bring it to the States.

Like its forebearer, Case+ is a multi-solution case. It starts with the Case+ itself, which is a rather mundane iPhone case but it’s important. Most of the backside of the case is brushed metal. Because magnets.

The other parts snap onto it. The wallet, leather back, extended battery and car dock all mount to the Case+ using magnets. It works well. The wallet comfortable holds several cards, but unlike other iPhone wallet solutions, can easily be separated from the iPhone. The leather back is the new TidyTilt and serves as a Smart Cover-ish kickstand.

The Case+ extended battery connects to the phone through a bent Lightning port connector and snaps on to the top of the case. Magnets keep the whole thing from slipping around. The battery packs 2300 mAh of power, which is enough to recharge an iPhone 5s one-and-a-half times.

This system also includes a car dock. The magnets here snap the phone to attention. When connected, the phone is held firmly in place and shouldn’t move when traversing even the roughest roads. The mount is a bit large, but firmly holds the phone in place.

The system works well and feels like a premium product. The base Case+ itself feels and looks like a quality iPhone case. The wallet and battery in particular are well made and offer novel advantages over similar solutions.

Sadly, the Case+ system is an expensive proposition and only sold as a set in the States. It costs $199 for the case, wallet, car dock, leather cover and battery; they not sold separately in the States like they are in other regions. That’s a lot, but the buyer is essentially getting every sort of case one would ever need or want for an iPhone. Functional versatility rarely comes cheap.

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