HowAboutWe Launches You&Me Messaging App For Couples

Prepping for a summer of love, dating apps and services are putting on their game faces. Fresh on the heels of a new app release, HowAboutWe has just launched a standalone messaging app for couples that lets two sweeties share multiple types of content and create a story together.

The app is called You&Me and is the first standalone project out of the company, which currently provides a dating subscription service for singles and couples, as well as a series of media properties covering the topics of sex, love and relationships.

With You&Me, users have a whole set of options for the type of messages they can send their partners. There are standard photo, text, and video messages, as well as the ability to send voice memos and your favorite song.

Plus, HowAboutWe added in some fun extra features like Photobooth, which offers a four-window boardwalk-esque Photobooth experience, Halfsie that takes a Frontback-style photo of you on top and them on the bottom, as well as Secret, which sends a “steamed up” photo which the recipient must wipe clear to see.

The app also knows when you and your partner are together in real life, and changes the interface to reflect that. It also auto-tags both of you to whichever experiences are being published as something that you two did together.

The You&Me app is free and available now in the App Store.

Y&M_Creative Features_Photobooth_Halfsie_Secret