Sunnycomb, The Weather App That Creates Personalized Forecasts, Launches On Android

Sunnycomb, the app that tries to predict how each day’s weather will make you feel, is now available on Android. Though there are already plenty of well-known weather apps on the market, including popular ones from Yahoo and the Weather Channel, Sunnycomb benefits from its connection to Weathernews Inc (WIN), one of Japan’s top weather apps with over 20 million downloads.

Both apps are made by WNI, a weather data company that employs 400 meteorologists in 15 countries across four continents. Sunnycomb also uses data aggregated from its users.

Sunnycomb managing director Ishibashi Tomohiro says WNI hopes the app’s Android launch will significantly grow its active user base, which in turn will lead to more accurate weather forecasts.

“There are two types of weather apps, ones that are very, very complex with a lot of data sets and are targeted toward weather maniacs or geeks. It’s a lot of information for the average user. Weather apps like the ones by Yahoo or Apple are very simple and gorgeous, but they have limited information,” Tomohiro says.

Sunnycomb hopes to reach the market in between of users who usually just want a quick weather forecast, but sometimes also need more in-depth information.

Sunnycomb screen

The app includes a map view, which lets you see weather forecasts and sky photos from around the world, as well an automatic translator so you can read user reports from around the world. Sunnycomb’s mood diary lets you record how you feel and then aggregates data from other users to predict how the temperature and humidity might make you feel.

Since the iOS app was released in December, I’ve checked into Sunnycomb almost every day. I found that the mood predictor is a fun novelty, but the most useful feature on Sunnycomb is its huge collection of user entries from around the world. This is especially useful when I’m traveling because Sunnycomb not only gives you a regional forecast, but tells what other places have similar weather.

To try Sunnycomb, find it on Google Play here.