TC Cribs Tours Optimizely’s Spacious HQ, Where Table Tennis Is A Serious Sport

It’s time for a new installment of Cribs, the TechCrunch TV show that takes you inside the doors of some of the tech industry’s hottest companies.

This time around, we headed to the San Francisco headquarters of Optimizely, the company that makes website optimization software. Optimizely has had some impressive growth over the past few years since its launch, so it has established itself in a spacious office to accommodate more expansion in the months and years ahead.

All that space also means Optimizely HQ has room for some fun perks. While many startups these days have one ping-pong table, Optimizely has a room with several ping-pong tables that’s often used for after-hours tournaments. There’s even a special spot for Forrest Gump style solo practicing.

There’s also space that’s been turned into Optimizely’s own “Library” for quiet work. There were no books to be found there, but it’s a digital world we live in, I guess (though there is at least one book that could make sense on Optimizely’s library shelves.)

And make sure you watch until the end, to see Optimizely’s makeshift music studio. That’s where we came across the company’s resident rapper MC Commerce, who gave us an impromptu performance showing off his absurd/amazing “hip-optimization” skills. We certainly live in interesting times, folks.

This episode of Cribs was edited by Yashad Kulkarni. Production coordination by Felicia Williams. Shooting by John Murillo and Matthew Pendergast.