500 Startups Partner George Kellerman Joins Paul Singh’s Crystal Tech Fund

500 Startups Venture Partner George Kellerman is jumping ship to join former colleague Paul Singh as part of his Crystal Tech Fund, which was launched earlier this year.

The Crystal Tech Fund focuses on post-seed investments — that is, in companies that find themselves in the “funding gap” between seed and Series A stages. It looks for companies that have found some product-market fit, as well as a bit of revenue, and plans to write checks typically between $250,000 and $1 million.

Singh was one of the earliest members of the 500 Startups team, along with Founding Partners Dave McClure and Christine Tsai, as well as Managing Partner Christen O’Brien. He left last year to found his asset management and financial management services firm for private investing, Disruption.VC. Eventually that translated into the creation of a $50 million fund, which has several Disruption.VC clients as LPs.

Kellerman is joining the fund after two years with 500 Startups, where he worked his way up from venture partner to partner. At the time he joined, he was primarily focused on opportunities in Japan and was instrumental in building 500’s relationship with NTT DoCoMo, which partnered with 500 on a Japanese incubator program and invested in the firm.

At the new fund, Singh says Kellerman will be doing the same thing he did at the old one — that is, fundraising and general operations stuff. And he’ll also be moving east to be part of the fund, joining a growing startup community in the Crystal City section of Arlington, Va.