Amazon Debuts A Storefront Just For Wearable Tech

Online shopping giant Amazon wants to get out ahead of the curve with wearable tech – hence the launch of its new Wearable Technology store today. The store is a subsection of its e-commerce portal, with a focus on devices like the Misfit Shine, Jawbone UP24 and Narrative Clip, to name just a few.

The curated portal includes a number of categories, including Fitness & Wellness, Healthcare Devices, Wearable Cameras, Smart Watches, and Family, Kids & Pets. The store itself contains a lot of devices that TechCrunch readers will find familiar, like the Lumoback posture monitor, Fitbit line, Pebble smartwatch and GoPro range of action cameras. It also includes an Editor’s Corner, with Gizmodo-sponsored content presented by section editor Sarah Zang. The inaugural issue offers a look at gadgets that convert body heat into power.

Also featured on the microsite are buying guides to help shoppers choose the right wearable device for their lifestyle and needs, as well as a video library of product demos and category explainers, and even a basic introduction to wearable tech in general. Recent studies have shown that while familiarity with wearable tech is high and climbing, relatively few still actually own any of these gadgets, so Amazon presenting a lot of supplemental material for prospective buyers looking for an education makes a lot of sense.

I like me some wearable tech, but does the space really need its own storefront just yet? Amazon thinks so, and at the very least, it’ll be interesting to watch as the catalog swells as more players try to exploit this new trend.