Microsoft Paints Itself The Rebel With First Nokia Promo Video

Microsoft the rebel? That’s the image of the company you get in a new ad spot created for Nokia devices Redmond has released following the closing of its acquisition of the hardware division of the Finnish gadget maker. Thematically, this ad calls to mind the early Apple ‘Think Different’ tagline more than maybe anything else, and while Microsoft may still be a giant in other regards, in the mobile market, it’s actually an apt metaphor.

Windows Phone is still a global laggard behind the behemoths of iOS and Android, but it has been gaining some ground slowly in recent years. The signature bright colors of Nokia’s generally matte-finish smartphone and tablet devices also genuinely do announce themselves in almost as stark a manner as depicted in the promo video above when spotted on the street. The upshot is that this is actually a really good ad, which is fairly reflective of reality while also subtly recalling early Apple commercials (but not copying them outright).

It’ll be very interesting to see how Nokia evolves and changes under Microsoft’s ownership, but this introductory ad is at least makes a good first impression.