Equity Crowd Funding Platform OurCrowd Raises $25M Series B

Funding iPad keyboards on Kickstarter is one thing. But equity crowd funding is pretty hot right now. And today OurCrowd out of Israel has closed a $25 million Series B funding round – a pretty big one for this sector.

Terms of who led the investment were – unusually – not disclosed, but we understand Geoff Levy, former CEO and Chairman, Investec Bank Australia, invested personally; Andy Heyer, CEO of Mistral Equity Partners, invested personally; and “dozens” of other unnamed individuals. However, as institutions, neither Investec Bank nor Mistral Equity Partners invested in the round.

OurCrowd CEO, Jon Medved says the investment will be used to expand in Israel and worldwide. He said: “Our investors are individuals, not institutions and there were dozens of them in the $25M round. The only named investors so far are Andy Heyer and Geoff Levy.” The investors came from 26 different countries.

The company launched in February 2013 and raised a $5.5 million a Series A funding round then. It claims to have 4,000 investors and says it’s raised $43 million for 36 portfolio company teams. Though most of the activity is in Israel.