Getting Ready To Disrupt

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted here on TechCrunch.

Some of you may remember me as the founder of this site. Later I was fired by Arianna Huffington after I started CrunchFund.

That sucked.

But I’ve managed to keep charming my way into the Disrupt conferences to do the odd interview.

And that brings me to the reason for this post. I’ll be taking time off from CrunchFund and my new hobby of raising a small flock of Buff Orpington chickens to travel to New York on May 5 for the next Disrupt.

Why would I leave these helpless one-week old chicks in the hands of my less-than-pleased parents while I jet off to New York?

Because Disrupt is going to be GREAT!

The speaker lineup is as good as it has ever been, and I’ll be interviewing Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson, Whisper’s Michael Heyward (there will be fireworks at that one, and harsh words), Sequoia Capital’s Roelof Botha and others.

We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll celebrate startups and we’ll all pretend that the big Internet companies aren’t still handing all of our information over to the NSA.

Like I said, it’ll be great.

Unfortunately I won’t be judging the Battlefield finals where the next Disrupt Cup winner will be chosen due to an ongoing disagreement I have with TechCrunch over how that’s being handled. But I’m sure it’ll be as exciting as ever.

While you are preparing your own trip to New York to attend Disrupt, please think hard about those chickens – and what I should name them (there are six) – any suggestions in the comments will be much appreciated.