A Word With The Creator Of The Autoblow 2

In another crowdfunding first, a former lawyer has decided to go the Adam & Eve route and create what one would euphemistically call an onahole. The product, called the Autoblow 2, is designed to allow the ingress of the male member and, with the help of a judicious drubbing, bring the male to issue. The team is crowdfunding and has been making sex toys in China for many years. They’ve raised $35,000 of their $45,000 goal, a very good sign.

But why would someone make this? And is this the future of hardware startups? And what the heck is the creator, Brian Sloan, thinking? And what happened to the people who used the original Autoblow?

TC: What the heck, dude? What is this?

Sloan: The Autoblow 2 is a powerful robotic male masturbator that gives men a sensation close to that of a real life sexual encounter. The machine utilizes different sized interchangeable sleeves that optimize sensation for men of all sizes. In short, it’s an electrical appliance that makes your penis feel really good in a realistic way.

TC: Are you a sex toy expert?

Sloan: I suppose I am. I’ve been living in China for the last 7 years making my own brands of sex toys, so… if I’m not an expert I don’t know who is. Most people on the Internet who call themselves sex toy experts (there are a bunch) only know about the aesthetics and functionality of sex toys but I also know how to make them.

TC: Why did you make this?

Sloan: Ever since I watched the cartoon The Jetson’s, I wondered if Rosie the robot could do anything else except roll around on her casters serving food and vacuuming. Just kidding! I made this because I saw an opening in the male toy market for a product that not only offered more realistic sensations compared to what was available, but also something more akin to a device, not a toy.

Men are happy with artificial vagina or fake mouth style toys because generally speaking they feel better than one’s own hand. But even though the physical sensation of using current popular male toys may be a step above using one’s own hand, men are still required to hold onto and move those toys up and down…vigorously. Because current toys are mostly your-own-arm-powered, the feeling of a real sexual act is not accurately replicated. I made the Autoblow 2 because I think most men would, if available, prefer a device that comes closer to replicating the feeling of a sexual act with another person.

Sex toy manufacturers have released robotic type machines in the past (including us) but they were all built as toys. I thought it was important to build this product as something closer to a device or appliance. The Autoblow 2 is the first automatic stroking machine to be electric – meaning it plugs into the wall using an AC to DC converter (12v 1.5a DC). Making this a plug-in product meant we could use an industrial quality motor rated to last 100x or 200x longer than motors used in earlier toy products. Plus, since we started from scratch – we also decided to solve the other problems of robotic type machines – cleanliness and sizing. We created 3 removable sleeves of different sizes that are both easy to clean and optimize sensation. Virtually all other male toys are built in a single size, but we all know that men do not come in 1 size. We solved this problem by creating 3 diameters of the sleeve.

A couple friends of mine have an Oculus Rift. The way they described their first time using it reminded me of how I felt the first time I tried the finished version of the Autoblow 2.

That was a long way of saying that I made this because I’m a businessman who knows what men want: an automatic pleasure machine that’s easy to clean, feels realistic, and is built to last.

TC: Rosie, huh? Does it work? Well?

Sloan: Yes, it works well. Frankly, its a surprising feeling, the first time you use it. The sensation is new – something pleasurable is happening to you – but there’s no one else there – and you aren’t doing it to yourself. A couple friends of mine have an Occulus Rift. The way they described their first time using it reminded me of how I felt the first time I tried the finished version of the Autoblow 2. The feeling was like… “wow, this is kind of weird, but good”.

TC: Are you afraid your career as a lawyer will be stymied by this?

Sloan: For sure not… luckily, I got out of that just in time meaning I never even started. After graduating from law school, I started a business buying things from bankruptcy auctions and selling them online. The fact that a career as a lawyer would likely be stymied by running a legitimate business making products for adults, is itself a problem.

TC: So it won’t hurt me or anything? It kind of looks clinical.

Actually speaking of clinical male products – there is this giant machine used in some sperm banks in China… it’s as big as an ATM, no joke. I never thought of the Autoblow 2 as clinical looking, but I mean, I suppose a tube shape is better than a square? Wouldn’t it be weirder if was shaped like a box of tissues?

No, it won’t hurt you, unless your penis is so big that it couldn’t fit within the giant opening on the top and you had to cram it in. If you have that problem, its nothing to be embarrassed about. I could recommend a different product for you.

TC: Does the world need more sex toys?

Sloan: A sex toy is just a style of massager, right? Think about foot massagers, back massagers, head massagers, those massage chairs… their key function is to use vibration and pressure in a way that makes people feel relaxed or in some way, happier, right? So sex toys use similar technology and work in similar ways to “ordinary” massagers, but they massage people’s genitals. I don’t know why its considered weird to massage your own genitals, or why a genital massager should be viewed in a different light from an “ordinary” massager. In fact, the market for genital massagers (sex toys) is probably equal in size to the markets of other types of mainstream massage devices.

If you consider sex toys simply as happiness inducing massage devices (as I do), then yes, we need more sex toys. Sometimes people just need a break from the daily grind. What other life improving gadget do we not need more of?