Domino’s Launches Its Pizza Ordering App For iPad With 3D Custom Pizza Builder

Domino’s Pizza has revamped its menu and turned around its financials over the last few years, during which time it also started to offer mobile ordering. Next Monday, the pizza chain will launch its iPad app, which will allow you to build your pizza and order it for take-out and delivery right from your couch.

What makes this app stand out is the 3D pizza builder that uses OpenGL to give you a more realistic view of what your final pizza will look like (of course, as in all food photography, the preview will still look quite a bit different from what will be in the box by the time it arrives at your door).


“The new Domino’s iPad app takes the experience of ordering pizza to a whole new level,” said Kevin Vasconi, Domino’s Pizza chief information officer, in a statement. “This is the coolest technology we have launched since Domino’s Tracker, and we are excited for customers to use the beautiful custom pizza builder that lets you visualize your order in a whole new way.”

Just like Domino’s other apps, the iPad app will also feature the company’s national menu, coupons, store locator and digital order tracker. It will also feature the ability to save your favorite pizza creations so you can reorder them with just a few clicks.

Digital orders are a big deal for Domino’s. It now accounts for about 40 percent of all of the company’s sales in the U.S.

The new app will go live on Monday. Until then, you’ll have to order your pizza the old-fashioned way with your iPhone or Android device. You could, of course, always go out and get a real pizza, too — just remember that you can’t play Titanfall in most restaurants.

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