Viber Finally Goes Flat With New iOS Design

Showing up a bit late to the iOS 7 party, Viber has released an update to the iPhone version of the application that incorporates the same flat design we’ve seen throughout the new operating system.

Viber had been in pretty desperate need of a redesign for quite some time. On the one hand, there’s something charming about an up-and-coming app that looks slightly outdated or unpolished (the way Snapchat used to be), but Viber has grown up and needs a design that matches that level of maturity.

After all, the company has more than 100 million monthly active users and was just acquired by Rakuten for $900 million.

The new look brings in much more white than the usual grey of Viber, and also takes cues from iOS 7’s call screen during calls.

Alongside the refreshed look, Viber has also added a few new features to the app including the ability to send multiple photos at once and the option to create a list of blocked numbers/contacts.

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Viber 4.2, as it’s being called, also offers longer video messages and the ability to see the typing status indicator (Jordan is typing…) for users on Android tablets and desktop.

Here’s what Viber CEO Talmon Marco had to say about it:

Viber has been redesigned from the start for simplicity and ease of use. Taking our cue from the clean, flat look of iOS 7, we wanted Viber to feel like a completely seamless part of your device. Our top priority is the enthusiastic community of users who rely on Viber every day to communicate with their friends, family, and important contacts. The new iPhone version we released today will make it easier and more fun than ever before to stay connected.

Viber is available across a wide array of platforms. You can learn more here.