These HBO Go Ads Are Hilarious

My colleagues wrote about Apple ads yesterday. So when I stumbled across these HBO Go ads, I thought that you, dear TechCrunch readers, also deserve to see these seven videos.

In them, you see teenagers sitting on a couch and watching HBO shows, such as Game of Thrones, True Detective or Girls. But their parents are lingering in the background. Everybody remembers those awkward moments watching TV with your parents when a steamy make-out scene came on. Super awks.

HBO’s core audience tends to be young adults. Many of them are still in college, don’t have a cable subscription or can’t afford an HBO subscription. That’s why password sharing is so popular.

In January, the network’s CEO said that HBO doesn’t care if you share your account. The company is waiting for the perfect moment to flip the switch and restrict password sharing.

“What we’re in the business of doing is building addicts,” Richard Plepler told BuzzFeed. And these new ads emphasize this. You shouldn’t give up on HBO shows, you should just watch them in your bedroom, on HBO Go, like a true addict.

But what these ads don’t reveal is the answer to everyone’s favorite question: when will it be possible to subscribe to HBO Go without a cable subscription?

Here are the other ads: