Meet Flappy48, The Clone Game To End Clone Games

Take the rules of 2048. Add the gameplay and physics of Flappy Bird.

What do you get? Flappy48 — a weird (yet surprisingly… fun?) bizarro-world mashup of everything stupidly addictive from 2014.

In Flappy48, you’re attempting to glide your way through a series of tubes — à la Flappy Bird. Each tube you successfully hurdle, you’re presented with a number tile — à la 2048 (or, really, à la Threes! — but we won’t get into that here.)

The challenge: the tiles you pick up must combine by powers of 2… or your flappy chain just gets longer and harder to manage. It’s like Snake from hell.

I’m terrible at 2048. I’m terrible at Flappy Bird. I hoped that maybe when you put the two together it’d emerge as a game I was good at.


You can find Flappy48 here.