Roku FINALLY Releases A YouTube Channel For Most Of Its Streaming Boxes

After what has been seriously way too long, Roku has just launched an official YouTube channel for most of its lil’ streaming boxes.

The catch: Roku says the channel is only compatible with “current generation” devices, which they define as any box launched after July 2011. Roku’s model numbering system is super confusing*, so just know that if your Roku came out in the last 2 1/2 years or so, you’re probably good. Also of note: the new channel will only work in US, UK, Canada, and Ireland.

[*The original Roku came out in 2010, then they released a Roku 2 in July 2011, but then they released a Roku 1 (and a new Roku 2!) in September 2013. What?]

Up until now, most Roku users have needed some crazy workaround like Twonky or PlayOn to get YouTube to play through their boxes. The one exception: Roku 3 owners — they (and they alone) have had access to the YouTube channel since the end of last year.

To find the new Youtube channel, hit up the Roku Channel Store on your device — alternatively, here’s the link to send it from your browser.