Owlet, The Smart Baby Bootie, Raises $1.85 Million

Owlet, a smart baby bootie that measures your child’s heart rate, launched on our Hardware Battlefield last January and has just raised $1.85 million from multiple firms including ff Venture Capital and Eniac Ventures. Also in participation of the round was Azimuth Ventures, Life Sciences Angel Network, Peak Ventures, and Brand Project. The company also completed the RGA Connected Devices Accelerator through Tech Stars.

“We are excited to have the right partners onboard to change the world with this product,” said Owlet CEO Kurt Workman. “We see the wearable future will include every single baby coming home from the hospital with a health monitor. Owlet is perfectly poised to be that monitor.”

The monitor is shipping this summer for $250 and comes in blue and pink. They are currently accepting pre-orders for the first units.

The company aims to be the only wireless baby monitor that will come home with almost every child at birth. Because it is engineered to be light, easily washable, and comfortable, the bootie will allow parents to ensure their kids are still breathing and, more importantly, offer important insight to researchers on the first few months of life.