Dorian Nakamoto Thanks The Bitcoin Community, Reminds Us He’s Not The Real Satoshi


The alleged “face of Bitcoin,” Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, has taken to YouTube with noted Bitcoin activist, Andreas Antonopoulos, to thank the Bitcoin community for sending him over $20,000 in BTC donations.

“If I was the real creator, I would never use my real name,” said Nakamoto in the video. He described his life as being turned upside down thanks to the article. “So from that point of view I’m sure you guys will know that Satoshi Nakamoto is not me. But Leah [McGrath Goodman, the author of the Newsweek story] thinks so and Newsweek said so, but it’s not true.”

Nakamoto was “unmasked” in March when Newsweek ran a cover story claiming that the California-based retiree wrote the original bitcoin white paper that started the ball rolling. Nakamoto has repeatedly denied involvement in the movement and, unless this is an elaborate act of social engineering, he is most probably not the bitcoin mastermind Newsweek painted him to be.