Apple Releases iOS 7.1.1 With Touch ID Improvements

Apple has released a new update to iOS 7 today, a minor point update with bug fixes and improvements. One such improvement beefs up Touch ID performance, which should mean better recognition of fingerprints registered with your iPhone 5s device. Some users had cited a gradual worsening of the Touch ID sensor’s ability to recognize existing fingerprints, so hopefully this clears that up for those who were having trouble.

Apple had previously been reported to have been preparing a software update to improve this so-called “fade” problem, according to AppleInsider, so it isn’t surprising to see it show up. There’s also a bug fix that should make the iOS keyboard more responsive, according to the software’s release notes, as well as a fix for an issue that affects the use of Bluetooth keyboards when the VoiceOver user accessibility feature is enabled.

To update your device, simply check out the Software Update submenu in Setting on your device or plug it into your computer and open iTunes.