Mailbox Brings Latest Features To Its iOS App

Mailbox 2.0 for iOS is here and brings a hosts of enhancements and goodies. Chief among the additions is auto-swipe, a feature that launched first on Mailbox’s new Android app.

As previously explained by a Mailbox team member, with auto-swipe, “With just a tap, I get less email tomorrow than I did today.”

The email app learns which emails users end up archiving and automates the task. It learns swipes and snoozes to determine patterns. Best yet, the settings for this feature and the rest of Mailbox are now stored in Dropbox, allowing a user to sync preferences between Mailbox apps on different devices.

After updating to version 2.0, a user is prompted to sign into their Dropbox account. The sign-in can be ignored, but the app will prompt you again. After skipping the sign-in window to write this post, I saw the sign-in screen again within 30 seconds of ignoring, but that could be because I was digging around in the settings, unsuccessfully trying to find other options for the Dropbox tie-in.