Google Glass Adds Limited SMS Support For iPhone, Gets Calendar App

Fresh off its update to Android KitKat, Google Glass is getting a couple of new features later this week.

Until now, iPhone users with Glass weren’t able to receive text messages on their devices. Starting later this week, Google will roll out an update that will finally allow them to see text messages right in front of their right eyes. It will not, however, allow them to send text messages. “You won’t be able to reply from Glass due to some limitations with iOS,” Google says. Android users, of course, don’t have to worry about that, because text messages always worked on Glass for them.

The other new update the team announced today is the addition of a Calendar to Glass. Once it’s turned on, it will show your agenda to the left of the home screen and from there, you can change the title, time and location of an event, as well as send an RSVP or dismiss it from your timeline.

When it comes to Glass apps, it seems Google is taking a path that is similar to what it is doing on Android if this Calendar app is any indication. Instead of banking on major operating system updates to release new functionality, it will release (and update) separate apps as need.