Aol Mail Hacked With Spoofed Accounts Sending Spam

It’s not just you. Aol Mail was hacked affecting an untold amount of accounts that were seemingly spoofed. The Twitter hashtag #aolhacked is filled with first-hand accounts of spam being sent from either the hacked email account or an email account spoofed to look like the original.

We’ve reached out to Aol for further clarification. The company said in a statement earlier today that they were working on resolving the issue. The Aol Twitter account @aolmailhelp is scrambling to respond to requests for help and directing people to this help page for more info.

Sources close to the company believe the impact was less than 1 percent of all users and that they expect the issue to be quickly remedied.

This issue seemingly first surfaced three days ago. If you receive a link in an email from an Aol email address, it’s best not to open it, and make sure they know their account was compromised. The hack seems widespread, although Aol has yet to comment on the scope of the incident.

Disclosure: TechCrunch is owned by Aol. This is not a spoof account. Or is it?