2,500 Bunsen Burners + Dubstep = Best Visualizer Ever

Take 2,500 bunsen burners, and put’em in a grid. Make the flames react to sound waves, thanks to some amazing physics trickery. Then drop the bass.

What do you get? The best* visualizer ever.

[* and probably most dangerous]

The first few minutes of the video explain how everything was put together, which is incredibly interesting in its own right — but if you’re just looking for that sweet, sweet firey-dubstep goodness, skip to 3:30.

The board was built by Fysikshow, a Danish youtube channel that mainly exists to demonstrate the awesome things they can do with fire. Youtuber Veritasium spotted clips of their flame-board online, and tracked the team down for a closer look.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so tempted to build something that would probably just burn my house down.

Update: I found another video showing the same board (with a closer look at how all the parts fit together) playing a different track. The music in this one starts at 1:25