I Hijacked The Startup Alley Application System To Extend The Deadline, So Apply Now!

Attention, startups!

This is a code red situation.

I have infiltrated the Disrupt Startup Alley application system and left registrations open. (Cue evil laugh.)

See, the powers that be wanted to shut down the applications right now, meaning that you fine startups who haven’t signed up wouldn’t get the chance to set up shop in the Startup Alley at Disrupt NY, where thousands of investors, tech bigwigs, and members of the press will be on the prowl for their new favorite moonshot.

I didn’t like that idea, so I hijacked the system. As a representative of TechCrunch in NYC, I insist that there’s no such thing as too many companies in the Alley. You can thank me later.

If I can maintain control of the system for that long, I plan to leave applications open until April 28. Sign up here.

What is Startup Alley, you ask?

It’s the true show floor of the Disrupt conference in New York, going down from May 5 to May 7.

Hundreds of startups set up demo tables and lure in passersby to recruit, close deals, form partnerships, and get press coverage. Oh, and the luckiest and most amazing among them have the opportunity to get plucked from the Alley and dropped onto the main stage for the Startup Battlefield, if the audience at the show deems fit.

Last year, our Startup Alley companies generated nearly $100 million in funding collectively after debuting at the show.

It’s an incredible opportunity for any startup, and you’ve just been blessed with extra time to sign up. Do not squander it.

More questions? Ask the folks at startupalley@beta.techcrunch.com.

So… see you guys at Disrupt?

Tickets are still available for Disrupt and can be purchased here.


DISCLOSURE: TechCrunch Disrupt tickets are non-transferrable. Ticket purchases cancelled prior to April 4, 2014 are subject to a $250 cancellation handling fee. Tickets cancelled April 5 and later are not eligible for a refund for any reason. Lost name badges at the conference are subject to a $500 replacement fee.

Pay With Bitcoin:

Early Bird – $1,995

Startup Alley Exhibitor Package – $1,995

Hardware Alley Exhibitor Package (3 Day) – $1,995

Hardware Alley Exhibitor Package (1 Day) – $995