Aereo Launches To Explain Its Position Vs. Broadcasters

Aereo is about to present its case to the U.S. Supreme Court, but first it wants to present its case to you. Today, the startup launched, a website designed to inform its users about Aereo’s tech, which uses freely offered over-the-air HDTV signals to provide its customers with live and DVR digital TV viewing options.

Basically, Aereo maintains that each of its subscribers are using their own micro antenna, so in terms of the letter of the law, there’s no difference between what it does and what users who own their own antennas and hardware them to their TVs at home do. Personal use with an individual antenna, as well as the right to record and then playback recordings of that signal are protected under current law.

Aereo says this new site is in part an answer to requests it has received from its users regarding how they might be able to help the startup in terms of spreading the word about the service, how it works and what its legal position is relative to the broadcasters who would see it shut down. To that end, in addition to a thoughtful, plain language explanation of the issues at hand and Aereo’s stance, you’ll also find copies of the existing decisions on the books regarding Aereo’s service from lesser courts, as well as the company’s own briefs, and the Amicus briefs of companies and advocacy organizations that support Aereo’s argument.

It’s probably the most complete single resource of Aereo’s side of thingsĀ available going into this Supreme Court hearing. Even if you’re not directly affected by the case, the site and these docs are worth a review if you’re at all interested in what rights you have as a use and consumer of broadcast television.