UberConference Adds Screen Sharing

UberConference, the popular conference calling service and former TechCrunch Disrupt Battelfield winner, today announced that it has added screen sharing to its service. The company says this was one of the most requested features it has had since launch, and starting today, it’s available for all users, including those who use the free service.

For the time being, however, users will have to use the latest version of Google’s Chrome browser to enable this functionality. Once you are logged in to UberConference’s online dashboard, starting to share your screen is as easy as clicking the new “Share” button. Sadly, this doesn’t work without a plug-in, so users who press this button for the first time will have to install the UberConference extension first.

Users can choose to share a specific tab from their browsers or their whole screens. While sharing only works from Chrome, viewers can use any browser to see the presenter’s screen.

“Adding screen sharing to UberConference has been the single most requested feature from our users since day one.  They were made to go together,” said Craig Walker, co-founder and CEO of UberConference today. “One of the beauties of our cloud-based platform is that we are able to upgrade every user and give this great screen sharing experience to everybody at no additional cost.”

UberConference has been quickly adding new features to its service lately. These include Google Hangouts support, a deeper Google Docs integration and support for document sharing through Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and Box. Given this list, it’s hard not to think that all of these integrations and dependencies on Google’s products are meant to set the company up for a potential acquisition by the search giant. Walker, after all, was one of the GrandCentral co-founders, which Google then acquired and turned into the basis for Google Voice.